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This software and the packages composing it are part of the developments and contributions performed within STMicroelectronics on the component based approach as promoted by the Fractal project.

These developments have been motivated by the need to build ad-hoc systems for MPSoCs, from simple application dedicated kernels (exo-kernels), to more complex distributed middleware.

It is delivered in order to favor and feed the cooperation between actors around the Fractal component model applied to embedded systems.

It is also delivered in order to serve as a set of reference examples of effective and efficient composition.

Execution platforms supported

Since this work has been originally motivated by MPSoCs, most of the platform supported here, often called "targets" in the package doc, are MPSoCs, therefore not necessarily publicly available. Exceptions to this are:

  • The Posix (Linux) platform
  • The publicly available ARM integrator simulator

For more details, have a look at the supported platforms in Minus.


This work has been partly funded by the European MEDEA+/LOMOSA+ Program.


Minus is a component library for building systems and middleware. A lot of the components provided in this library are derived or enhanced from the KorteX component library.


Comete is a component-based middleware that allows to dynamically deploy and bind components on distributed architectures. Its component-based architecture eases its porting on various systems and platforms.

It currently supports 3 platforms: Posix, the Traviata system and xSTream.


Think4L is a full pure component-based L4 µkernel. It is originally implementing the L4 X2 rev 6 version of the L4 µkernel specification. This version has been enhanced with some security related features.

This development has been originally motivated by the willingness to design a version of the L4 µKernel with explicit, clean and well documented architecture of the kernel itself. It therefore mostly aims at being considered as a basis for understanding µkernel architecture, and a laboratory to push further the Fractal composition technology applied to embedded systems.

It supports the Lxsimenv, Traviata and Integrator platforms.


This module contains basic examples based on the Minus library. Most of the target systems/platforms are supported. Detail given in each example.

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