Project Dependencies


The following is a list of compile dependencies for this project. These dependencies are required to compile and run the application:


Project Transitive Dependencies

The following is a list of transitive dependencies for this project. Transitive dependencies are the dependencies of the project dependencies.

Project Dependency Graph

Dependency Listings


Fractal is a modular and extensible component model that can be used with various programming languages to design, implement, deploy and reconfigure various systems and applications, from operating systems to middleware platforms and to graphical user interfaces.

DocBook XSL Stylesheets

The DocBook XSL stylesheets are a set of stylesheets for use with an XSLT engine (such as xsltproc or Saxon) for transforming DocBook XML documents into other DocBookOutputFormats, such as HTML, PDF, Microsoft HTML Help, and man pages. NormanWalsh designed the XSL stylesheets and continues to actively develop and maintain them, making bug fixes and feature enhancements to them and regularly releasing updated versions (with contributions from members of the DocBookOpenRepository, where the stylesheets are now maintained)

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